CNTU Tipplers

English Flying Tipplers


For those desiring more membership information please feel free to contact the CNTU secretary:

Luka Kapac
676 Chiron Cres.
Pickering, Ontario
L1V 4V1

Things you may want to know……

Membership Fee — $35 CAN per year
Band Fee — $10 CAN per set of 25
Fly Fee — $5.00 CAN per fly
Season Fly Fee — $20.00 CAN per season
Fees are due by December of each year; make cheque payable to the CNTU and send to the above address.  Correspondence, fly reports, and inquiries may be directed to the Secretary via email:
t h r e e o n t h e w i n g @ a o l . c o m


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  1. How do you join the cntu?

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