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Flying Tippler History & Records in the U.S.
Flying Tipplers and the Competition Flyer
The Harry Hunt Strain of Flying Tippler
Getting Youngsters to Dark Quickly
Dave Black’s Young Champions
A Standard for the Flying Tippler 2
A Standard for the Flying Tippler
Robert Verbeek
Back in the UK
Macclesfield Tipplers
Flying Tippler Kit Box Design
The English Flying Tippler
Mick Groody’s Champs
Breeding the English Flying Tippler
Dave Black’s visit to Canada
Black and Black
English Flying Tipplers
Loft Design
Australian OB Record (2010)
Food and Energy
General Health
Club Biz
Tippler Ideals
General Training
Visiting Lofts
Dark Training Subjects
Rules of Conduct
Flyer Profiles: Bob Adams
Flyer Profiles: Zeljko Fajdetic
Flyer Profiles: Harry Shannon
Flyer Profiles: Dave Bertenshaw
Flyer Profiles: Danny Kinnear
Why test a Tippler to the max?
Qualifying the Term “Selection”
History of the EFT in Australia
About O.Z.
Dealing with Hawks and Falcons
Thoughts about Oskar Zovich
G’day from The Thunder Down Under
Inbreeding Depression
“Best of the Best”
O.Z.’s UK Tour
My First Fly Ever
My Training Method
The Black Drop
Night Flight
Flying Young Birds To The Lights
Flying Tipplers Into Darkness
Training Flying Tipplers to Fly Into The dark
Can a Pigeon See in the Dark?
Training To Lights
Settling Young Tipplers Training To Darkness
Dark Training
Dark Theory
Night Fright
Training Flying Tipplers in Dark
Variations in Tipplers
Tipplering in RomaniaImprinting Early
The Ideal Flying Tippler
How do you Settle the Young?
Getting Young Birds Ready
The Tippler Flyer – Fourth Member of the Team
Selecting for Ideal
Danny McCarthy’s UK Tippler Tour
Frank Otta’s Kosovo Tippler Tour
Joshua’s Battle Tipplers
Canadian Tippler by Oskar Zovich
Old Lofts

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