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President’s Message

Well hello 2012!

January 8 was our AGM meeting as many of you know, but for those that weren’t able to make the drive in, or are out of province/country I must say it was a great meeting. It was also very nice to see about 20 very Flying English Tippler members that just put them first on their agenda, and we are hoping to see a better flying season coming up. For those that did fly, they all received a very nice trophy and diploma for their efforts, again just fantastic.

Elections were up and Oskar declined his position as Vice President, and Harpreet has accepted that, along with Sikandar Bal grabbing the Central Timer position, thank you Sikandar. Along with that both Luka and I have retained our positions, but have put it in the minutes that this will be our last term. So please consider over the next two years if any of you would like to be nominated for either position and that would insure our club carries on. By the way, there was some talk about having a show/barbeque in the summer, your executive would really like some feed back on this so put a pencil to paper and send something Luka’s way please.

On a different note, we all are having great expectations for the upcoming breeding season and for good reason. Young birds that’s why. So now is the time to make sure all your stock will go through the winter in top shape to insure a fine round of youngsters come the breeding season. Make sure they have been wormed, had their PMV shot, and in about three weeks some may need a canker treatment, or at least those that may have experienced any canker last season. Also, when feeding, don’t let them get too fat on corn for instance; a good diet on barley and wheat, with some flax added will bring them through the winter just fine. Ok, Ok on those really cold days, add some corn.

That’s about it guys, just have a great year and always stay safe.

Nino Bugeja
President CNTU

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