Robert Verbeek

by Danny McCarthy [Click Here for PDF Version]

Hi all,

Things we shouldn’t do when working on the breeding section of the pigeon cage,,taking the guard of the drop saw when it jams. Being frustrated when the drop saw didn’t operate properly I removed the guard so I could continue with the job. Things were going ok until a split second of thought on what to do next and before you know it I was sitting in casualty waiting to be assessed. The outcome is 3 weeks of work ,3 fingers injured, skin graft, tendon repair, no nerve damage ,x-rays show the blade just missed the bone and the muscles feel ok, all the surgeon’s all say how lucky I am , I keep telling them if I was lucky I wouldn’t be here …………things we do for our birds ,still out there working but a bit.

To the right Robert training his new droppers to the dark and to the left….. Roberts’s great looking breeding section which he nearly lost some of his digits for.