Back in the UK

by Danny McCarthy [Click Here for PDF Version]

Hi Guys,

Just got back from holidays in the UK and Europe. Had a lovely time to say the least. This was supposed to be a pigeon free holiday, but I managed to pay a visit to DaveyWarrener in Sunderland, and while there I took the opportunity of taking some pictures of his loft and birds, as well as visiting John Crossly’s loft along with David Black’s loft.

I have taken pictures of both John and David Black’s tipplers I will post them in another email a bit later. As there were no pigeon fanciers that I knew of in Europe(France and Spain) I had to be content with taking pictures of the feral birds in those two countries. Will post pictures of them and the towns where they were pictured at.

was ever so pleased to meet up again with my good friend DaveyWarrener who has not been at all well for a few months now, but I am glad to say that he is on the mend now, and I wish him a quick and permanent recovery. It was also nice to catch up with David Black who is also a good friend. The last time we met it was during my visit to the UK in 2006. David has a new loft, and as usual he has some very fine Bodens, Pilots, and his Boden/Pilot crosses with which he has done exceptionally well with. Davey also took me to visit John Crossly’s loft. I had not met John before and it was lovely meeting him and enjoying his company. John’s strain of tipplers are Pilot’s, Plesterer’s and Hughes. Unfortunately the birds in the UK are in a heavy state of moult, hence the pictures do not do them justice. Thank you for the warm welcome guys it really made my day.

Danny McCarthy.