The Black Drop

by Dave Black [For PDF version Click Here]

[Dave Black of Sunderland sent in these photos of his kit of Tipplers dropping to the loft in the dark or should we say “in the Black”. Dave hopes this kit will prove their worth with dark flying. They are certainly earning their feed thus far.]

The droppers as you can see are completely white and easily noticed by the kit of Tipplers from above. Not only do you need numbers when trying to coax the kit onto the loft, but you also need active, confident droppers with a calm about them to encourage the DROP. As you can see here on the right the droppers are quite active as the kit contemplates the decent to the loft. The droppers should be just as disciplined as Tipplers when it comes to flying in the dark. Each depends on the other for success.

With one of the birds already down on the loft, the second and the third as seen here circled, are just about to land. The droppers are calmly walking about on the rooftop thus encouraging the Tipplers to confidently drop without fear.

Once down the kit is left on the rooftop for a few minutes to mingle with the droppers and to pick a few seeds. They are then quickly but calmly coaxed to the trap opening, eventually making their way into the trap and into the loft.

The time is secure only when the kit is in the trap. They are then picked up and placed into their individual kit boxes where they will be fed shortly after. Many things need to go right in order to get….

The Perfect Drop